Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Been a Long Time...

I haven't posted for a long time, and I'm not sure how I feel about my blog these days.  I am busy, and the blog just doesn't get as much of my attention as it used to.  I like to write, and I want to do it more, but it's a lot of work, and I'm not as naturally creative as I once was (at least I don't feel as creative).  It probably doesn't help my blog's cause that I write sermons every week, and much of my writing energy is devoted to that cause.  In light of everything I just wrote, I'd still like to keep this blog around because it contains much of who I am and what I've thought over the past three years.  It has been a cathartic outlet, and has, at times, kept me sane.  I may not post a whole lot anymore, but I will continue to utilize this free and therapeutic outlet.

Here's a quick update on life in the not-so-blog-heavy Hayes family:
  • Kim gave birth to our 5th child on January 7th.  His name is Quinn Michael Hayes.  Quinn means "wise", and it also means "five."  Hopefully he'll turn out to be our "wise 5th child."
  • Quinn's middle name, Michael, is a tribute to my best friend, Mike Spratt.  Mike died several years ago of a heart attack at age 33.  He was a fine person, and I miss him dearly.  His memory lives on in my child, and I can't wait to tell little Quinn about the great man who inspired his middle name.
  • I've continued writing on the side, and have had some small successes recently.  In October the study guide for Erwin McManus's book, "Uprising", was released.  I had the privilege of writing the study guide, which accompanies a dvd series produced by Blue Fish TV.  Very exciting!

  • Grace Community Church, where I serve as Sr. Pastor, is a wonderful place, and Kim and I are enjoying our new church a lot.  There is a ton of potential at Grace, and we're starting to realize some of that potential.  People are still coming to church in spite of me.  Despite the struggling economy, Grace is in solid financial condition.  Even more, we're tackling some of the problems that exist in the Corsicana community, and are starting to make a dent in the world around us.  That's what it's all about!!
  • My two oldest children, Trent and Cale, are excelling in their new school, First Baptist Academy of Dallas.  Both boys have made the honor roll, and Cale, in particular, is making tremendous social and educational strides.  We're blessed to have an opportunity to send our kids to this fine institution.
My little fishing buddy, Cale!

Trent and a large bass!
  • Pierce, our autistic son, is struggling a bit these days, mainly due to the fact that his favorite person, Mommy, is a bit off limits since having a c-section.  Pierce has still experienced enormous growth, but he's having a rough go of things as of late.
  • Jillian, our one and only girl, is an absolute delight.  She is pretty, funny, and in complete control of her Father's emotions.  The child has me wrapped around her cute little finger.  I'm so happy we had a little girl!
  • Timothy Keller is making a huge impact on my life.  Keller is pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, and is author of 4 books and contributor to many others.  His most recent book, The Prodigal God, is destined to be a classic.  Keller's focus on service, mercy, and the beauty and surprise of the gospel is transforming my soul.