Monday, April 30, 2007

Girls do it too!!

This is really funny, but a bit crude. I've always contended that girls do it too, even though some act like they would never do such a thing. This shows how far they go to avoid getting caught. Enjoy!!

Girls Fart Too - Awesome video clips here

Mike Seaver debates Atheists

Kirk Cameron, the star of the 80's sitcom, Growing Pains, will be a part of a debate on the existence of God. This debate is a bible-less debate that is designed to try to prove the existence of God using logic and science and not the Bible. Interesting stuff. The event will be aired live on on May 5. ABC's Nightline will also air portions of the debate.

On a side note, I'll never forget that episode of Growing Pains when Kirk Cameron (Mike Seaver) tries to make the moves on this really pretty high school girl. He pulls out all the stops. Finally, when he's done with his big speech to try to win her over, she speaks, and her voice is the most high pitched, ridiculuous voice you've ever heard. That Mike Seaver... he was something.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Watch a Video and Help with Autism

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Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to Autism awareness and research, is asking that you watch this video by the band Five for Fighting. They’re trying to raise money for Autism research by asking people to watch this music video online. If you click on this link and watch this video, you’ll be generating 49 cents for autism research, so please do it if you have the time.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pierce Update

I'm too tired to get into what went on yesterday, but we had a pretty significant and difficult meeting with Pierce's therapist (for those of you who may not know, Pierce is our 4 year old Autistic child). I can't go through it right now, but it was a hard meeting. We left heartbroken and depressed. Each time we face this Autism monster we take a tremendous beating. I'm reminded of the Caedmon's Call song, "Wings of the Morning". It says "Ask any good detective and he'll tell you, 'It's the eyes that always give the truth away.' In yours I see a fear that's bound and gagged you with no hope for escape."

I'll be honest: we don't feel any hope for escape right now. This thing is so all-consuming and painful that neither Kim nor I know what to do. We're tired, depressed and confused. But hey... what's new!

Anyway, my good friend, Chad Freeman, just wrote an article about us on his blog. He does a beautiful job of captuing the heartache that we feel on a daily basis. For some reason, as I read his article, the rest of the song came to my mind. It says "On the wings of the morning hope is rising! In your darkest night His love will light your way!" Man, thank God for the gospel!!

"Who's to blame?" is the wrong question
I haven't written anything about the Virginia Tech massacre because I've been just trying to soak it all in and see where everything settles. The news coverage has been, at times, troubling. Public reaction has been the usual mixed bag of compassionate empathisers, blame gamer's and heartless ogre's. The most disturbing thing, aside from the thing itself, is the rush to find someone to blame.

Denny Burk writes a great article today about how the "blame game" is fruitless at this point. He pretty much sums up my thoughts. Check out his article here.

Monday, April 02, 2007

When Animals Attack... Reporters!!

OK, I don't know why I love this kind of thing so much, but it just cracks me up when reporters get ambushed by the "loving" animals they are doing stories on. The sheer shock and anguish of the overzealous reporter when the animal attacks is just funny to me. Look, I know I'm sick and twisted, but just try to watch these videos without busting a gut. See, you're sick and twisted too. Just admit it!

Here's are the 5 best animal attacks of reporters. Enjoy the carnage!!