Monday, April 30, 2007

Mike Seaver debates Atheists

Kirk Cameron, the star of the 80's sitcom, Growing Pains, will be a part of a debate on the existence of God. This debate is a bible-less debate that is designed to try to prove the existence of God using logic and science and not the Bible. Interesting stuff. The event will be aired live on on May 5. ABC's Nightline will also air portions of the debate.

On a side note, I'll never forget that episode of Growing Pains when Kirk Cameron (Mike Seaver) tries to make the moves on this really pretty high school girl. He pulls out all the stops. Finally, when he's done with his big speech to try to win her over, she speaks, and her voice is the most high pitched, ridiculuous voice you've ever heard. That Mike Seaver... he was something.

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