Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Politics Part II

Peggy NoonanPeggy Noonan's latest column makes a lot of sense to me. In it she writes,
"The oddest thing about Republicans and Democrats in power is that they always know the technical facts, always know about fund raising, always know what the national committee is saying about getting turnout. But so often they don't know the message or even have a message. Which is funny, because they're in the message business. They're like shoemakers who make pretty shoeboxes but forget to make the shoes."
Finally someone succinctly describes the way I feel about our current political climate. Thank you, Peggy, for summarizing my thoughts.


docsavage_ said...

Just like a woman to tell a man what he's thinking. Yeah...thanks alot Peg.

r! said...

I couldn't have said that better myself. Pretty much sums up how I feel too.

I struggle with declaring a political party. I feel like I am a conservative. But to me both parties pretty much suck.