Thursday, June 29, 2006


Peggy Noonan does it again with a funny new piece entitled "Stop Spinning: Contrarian thoughts on Hillary, flag-burning, the Times and 'The View'". Man, this is a smart lady, and her mix of wit, cynicism and common sense makes her my favorite "political" talking head. This is one person who manages to see through all the crap.

These days I'm less conservative, more (gulp) liberal, but very cynical about both of those classifications. I guess you could call me a "conservaliberal", or maybe just an independant. Either way you want to classify me, I like Peggy Noonan. It's almost like she's reading my mind. Stop it, Peggy, or I'm going to have to start charging you royalties.

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Spyder said...

I have to tell you (oh, my reputation at stake here), I feel the same way she does about Hillary. Granted, I realize I'll have a Hillary bumper sticker on my car, but dadgummit, she is just put to better use as a senator, and I think Noonan hit the nail on the head. None of us think of her as the sweet mother with a strong side, we think of her as that strong willed hussy that puts up with crap, and pounds her fist when it comes down to it. The best part of that article has got to be the bit about Barbara Walters and Starr Jones. And by the way................ The View is still on TV?