Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"That's Not Nice"

Peggy Noonan is just about always a good read, with insightful wisdom and intelligent discourse that rarely hits below the belt. In her latest Opinion Journal, she shares what many in our country are undoubtedly feeling in this supercharged political climate (Especially in light of the recent wave of hate speech by the likes of Ann Coulter and Bill Maher). My guess is that there are some on the far left who would be viewed as extreme, some on the far right who would share that title, and the middle is divided into those who care and are frustrated, and those who don't care and are frustrated. For those of you who care and are frustrated, this article should give voice to some of the causes of your frustrations. Hopefully it will convince you that it's still OK to care.

One other thing about this article: Noonan points out that Grandmothers have a lot of wisdom, and they have the kind of discipline and sensibility to restrain from the things that "are not nice." Noonan writes, "Fifty years ago, no one speaking at a respected political gathering would say, would even think of saying that Adlai Stevenson is a faggot. Nor would Arthur Godfrey or Jack Paar have declared on their television shows that we'd be better off if Eisenhower died. Is our discourse deteriorating? Yes, it is." Although I agree with Noonan's sentiments, I do find it troubling that prior generations demonstrated such great restraint, yet were capable of such great oppression with reference to race relations. They wouldn't have called other candidates "faggots", but they wouldn't have had a problem calling a black candidate a "nigger." Just a thought.

I still get Noonan's point, and I think the article merits acclaim. Her basic points are true and much needed in today's political world.

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r! said...

Very good post. I think you are correct in your observations about what was restricted in the past. I am one of those who care but are completely frustrated at the left and right. I suppose a lot of my frustration comes from the religous right because they should know better.

Anyway, good post.