Thursday, August 23, 2007

Clothes for Causes

Design Detail Image

I love it that many young entrepreneurs are using their hobbies and interestests and tying them to worthwhile causes. Statattack is one such effort. At Statattack, a t-shirt line based on statistics that people should be aware of (the design above tells us that, in Angola, 19.2% of infants will die before they turn one), every shirt you buy goes to help some aspect of world relief, not only by educating people, but contributing 20% of the sale to an orphanage in Mozambique. Here's a quote from their website:

Since Mozambique was the country that inspired all of this, the Sons of Stolen are putting 20% of the money from the sale of the shirts towards building an orphanage in Mozambique. Instead of giving the money to a charity, we will go to Mozambique with a group of volunteers from the design industry and build an orphanage from the ground up.
Very cool! I think I'll buy one!

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Donald Kirby said...

Steve- It is amazing the number of creative ways that people can use to convey a message. This is truly one way to make people more aware of social issues in our world.