Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Phil Jackson puts "Bozo" Seger in his place

So, I'm watching the NBA playoffs the other nights, and the LA Lakers are losing at halftime to the Houston Rockets.  TNT's sideline reporter, Craig Seger, enters the scene wearing a "butterscotch" suit with a ridiculous shiny tie.  Seger is known for this kind of thing.  He's this 50-something white guy who wears these crazy suits and makes a spectacle of himself.  It's annoying.

Apparently Laker's coach, Phil Jackson, agrees with me.  He laid the smack down on Seger the other night, and it was really shocking and funny because I was watching it live, and I totally wasn't expecting it.  It was a pretty awkward scene.  I love awkwardness!


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Chris said...

I have gained a bit of respect for Phil Jackson. Nice.