Friday, June 26, 2009

Texas is Tiger Bait!

2009 National Championship - CWS Team Photo

The LSU Tigers baseball team defeated the University of Texas 2 games to 1 in a best of three series to win their 6th National Championship.  The Tigers are young, confident, and loaded with talent, and it won't surprise me to see them at the top again next year.  The best part of all is that they beat Texas, and, well, I live in Texas.  Thanks, Tigers, for giving me bragging rights over all these snooty longhorn fans!

Here's a general description of Texas and LSU fans:

Texas Fan:
  • Attire: Burnt orange cap, white golf shirt, khaki shorts, Crocs (Texas colored), Oakley's and a blue tooth device.  
  • Likelihood of face paint: Very Low.
  • Drink of Choice: Shiner Bock or Cognac
  • Demeanor: Composed, almost disinterested, and likely to flash a "hook 'em" sign after a good play.
LSU Fan:
  • Attire: Purple Cap, Championship Gold T-shirt, Purple shorts, flip-flops, Mardi Gras beads, Flask.
  • Likelihood of face paint: Very High.
  • Drink of Choice: Cheap Bourbon or Natural Light
  • Demeanor: Shamefully enthusiastic, slightly inebriated, and likely to chant "LSU! LSU! LSU!" or "Tiger Bait! Tiger Bait! Tiger Bait!" to the top of their lungs after every play.
Give me the LSU fan any day!

Geaux Tigers!!!


kreider said...
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Denny Burk said...

Great line! "Texas is Tiger bait." Love it. Geaux Tigers!