Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Change of Power
The Republicans got pummeled in the recent elections, and, in my opinion, they got what they had coming. Many will be surprised to see me write that, but I think it's true. Good leadership is all about having vision and communicating that vision in a way that is convincing, appealing and worthy of following. The Republicans have been miserable vision-casters, and as a result, they have seen the power that they fought so hard to attain slip right through their Iraq-loving, scandal-having, money-spending, Fox-News-watching hands. There, I said it.

By the way, I have traditionally voted Republican and I still believe in the more basic tenets of Republican thought: small government, fiscal conservatism and moral responsibility. The current Republican regime isn't placing a high priority on any of these traditionally conservative ideologies. That's probably another good reason why they got hammered in the elections.

On another note, this year's elections were out of control. The kind of bile that both parties spewed was ridiculous and disturbing. $1 billion were spent on negative advertising in this years elections. That's sickening. I wish these guys would clean it up. They expect us to believe that politics are the only hope for humanity, yet they cut each other down like school kids in the middle of a recess smack down. Grow up!!

If you don't believe me, check out John Ellis' article in the Wall Street Journal. It's called, "All Slander, All the Time." It's a worthwhile read. Something's going to have to change soon, or I just won't have the stomach for this junk.


Anonymous said...

You should view the circus from around the world and listen to the audible sighs and jabs of reactions of people while they smile and say to themselves, "Super-power eh?"

It is embarrassing.

The worst part is that the Repubtards have done such a great disservice by finger pointing at others while their own secret closet doors rattled behind them, that now even the Dems are starting to believe the bull crap they are shoveling.

It actually is even more appealing!

"Sadness falls over his face", he writes.

Keato said...

the majority of my generation (including me) doesnt give a &%*$ about politics because of all the negativity...