Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkey Musings

Thanksgiving was good this year, and here are some random thoughts I had over the holidays:

  • If you ever find a recipe to cook turkey on the grill, watch out! When the juices drip into the flames, it can cause a pretty significant fire. Hence the piece of charcoal with legs that I proudly served on Thanksgiving day.
  • Kim's Grandmother got really sick this year, and it looks like she's going to pass away this week. We found out on Thanksgiving day, and it was really hard to enjoy the day.
  • Holiday shopping is no fun when you're a cashier. Kim started working at Kohl's, and the lines on Friday morning were literally a mile long. Wow, what some folks will do to get a bargain!
  • The football was spectacular this Turkey day (that means LSU won!).
  • Putting up Christmas lights is a beating. I was ready to mail it in while unraveling the hellacious mess that is the Christmas light knot. Nothing is more difficult to untie!! I seriously thought I was going to fall off the ladder and die about a dozen times. Don't put up Christmas lights without an insurance policy.
  • Thanksgiving should be cancelled if it's 70 degrees or higher. Dallas winters are a joke!
  • I saw the movie "The Fountain" over the holidays. What a strange and boring film. It had some beautiful imagery, but was very new age-y and Hindu. I highly recommend that you do not see this film.
  • Thanksgiving parades are lame. My sister-in-law loves them, but seriously, what is the deal with watching a parade on tv? The music is horrible, and those performing are lip synching. Tons of money and manpower goes into this thing, and for what? I just don't get it. No offense, Jess. You know I love you!!
  • I am extremely unmotivated heading into the Christmas season. I just want to go on vacation. Anyone else with me? Road Trip?!!
  • I started reading Don Miller's "Searching for God knows What" the other day. Man, it's good. The guy is just a good writer. I also love the fact that he doesn't summarize thoughts about God - the kinds of thoughts that people have wrestled with throughout history - into neat little formlas. So different than most mainstream Christian fluff.
  • I talked to my sister a lot on the phone. She was alone this Thanksgiving, a slave to the evil residency programs that most doctors have to endure. I love talking to her. She makes me feel like I matter. I think I make her feel the same way. Thanks, Donna, for being such a bright light!
OK, I'm back on the saddle again, and you should see some more posts coming soon. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! Now, get ready for the ultra hyped marketing machine known as Christmas. You know, the holiday where we celebrate the birth of Santa with large credit card statements and spoiled children? Tis the season!!

Disclaimer: I realize that Christmas marks the birth of Jesus, but I'm referring sarcastically to what Christmas has become, not what it should be.


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Keato said...

#1. The Fountain. The more I think about it, the more it grows on me. I need to share some thoughts on it with you.
#2. Christmas. It beats me down too. I don't like the craziness of the holiday season. It's like everyone is trying to go twice as fast as they normally do, which is already 10 times faster than we were ever meant to go...
ps. I don't like Christmas music.

Kreider said...

Welcome back, oh anti-celebration man!