Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hit me "Big Baby" one more time!

LSU and TX A&M faced off last night in an early season battle between two teams that are on the rise. A&M went 0-13 two years ago in the Big 12 conference, but has since posted some very impressive victories. They are in the top ten for the first time I can remember. No, this is not football, but basketball. Yes, I'm talking about TX A&M. weird, huh?

LSU is coming off of its first appearance in the Final Four since 1986, and is led by that big ball of chocolate love, Glen "Big Baby" Davis. LSU is confident and fun to watch, and this years Tigers bring back memories of the good ole days under former head coach Dale Brown (BTW - I once witnessed a speech by Dale Brown when I attended Louisiana Boys State as a Junior in high school. He was dynamic, inspiring, and every adjective above that. Man, I miss Dale Brown!).

Anyway, LSU won the game, 64-52, and that gives me back to back bragging rights over all my A&M buddies (Help! I'm stuck in Texas!! Seriously, help). We beat A&M by one point last year in the NCAA tourney. Way to go Tigers!!

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