Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christian or Christ Follower?

Keith at Bag of Nothing had this posted on his site today. It's brilliant! Forget the Mac/PC debates, and let the Christian/Christ Follower talks begin.


John, Michelle, and Reganne Watts said...

Those videos are great! The funniest part is actually in the comments section where people are "offended" by the videos since they "aren't biblical."

Those remind me of our first Idaho Thanksgiving with John's family of Southern Baptists. We're going to Calvary Chapel Boise, but every time we drove by a Baptist church they asked if we had visited it. They even looked some up on the web for us.


Kreider said...

These videos are quite perceptive and funny (not "pee your pants and fall on the floor" funny but humorous nonetheless). For a sad and tragic glimpse into the evangelical subculture, note the comments to the videos posted on the site to which Steve has referred. Some of "us" apparently have no sense of humor, little appreciation of figures of speech (especially irony, sarcasm, hyperbole, and understatement), limited appreciation for the significance of the fallacy of the excluded middle (why is everything black or white for some people), and of the benefit of refusing to take ourselves too seriously. I know that Hayes and I are perhaps a little too cynical and jaded (yes, I have the right to speak for him!), but if the alternative is to refuse to appreciate humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves . . .

r! said...

Whoever did those videos cannot possibly be Christians!!

Just kidding. I like those. Maybe we should show them during our college group meeting.

Wayne Slay said...

wow after reading your last few postings i think you need a hug. Get over here you big lug and let me give you a hug!! Wayne

Steve Hayes said...


I've got something you can hug!!

Yeah, these videos are pretty well done, but I can see why some folks are upset. Just because people choose to characterize themselves by more traditional forms of doing church doesn't mean that they aren't Christ followers. My Mom looks more like the "Christian", but she has a deep walk with Christ.

If you take these vids at face value, they're poignant, and that's probably how they're intended to be taken. If you get all serious with them, I can see why there'd be some offense.