Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cajun Roast Beef: The Origin

When I started this thing a while back, I had a primary task: find a good name. So, I thought and I thought... What would be a cool name that would be fun and a bit mysterious? What would reflect my heritage, while at the same time demonstrate some level of intrigue? After minutes of thought, I finally settled on "Cajun Roast Beef".

Today I went to the place that inspired the name of this goofy little experiment. We are in Lake Charles, LA (my home town) for spring break, and we just had to head over to Kirkman St. to Pronias Deli for the famous Cajun Roast Beef sandwich. I took a picture of the deli and the sandwich for your viewing pleasure. Any place that's advertising "Homemade Family Size Gumbo" has got to be good! Enjoy!!


K Dog said...

I will only be convinced that your name is mysterious and demonstrates intrigue if you bring enough sandwhiches for everyonoe. After that, I will praise your moniker as wonderfully imaginitive!

Secret Sandwich Eater said...

this sandwich shop is the best shop ive ver eaten at... my dad brought me for the first time about 2 years ago.. and now everytime were in town, i request PRONIAS. their king cakes are really good too.. :)