Monday, September 08, 2008

Palin Breaks the Mold and Confounds Both Sides... and I love it!!

The world has gone insane (Not that this is news to any of you). Since Sarah Palin announced her intention to become Vice President of the United States, craziness has ensued. Hard core liberal women have suddenly decided that women can't do everything they dream of doing, and are best suited at home with their kids, and hard core conservatives have suddenly decided that a whole new world of professionalism exists for women, even those with 5 children. Seriously, what's the world coming to?

My good friend (and mother of 3), Tempi, sent me this article discussing the pros and cons of Sarah Palin's VP aspirations. Personally, I like the lady. If she and her husband think they can handle it, it's really nobody else's business to tell them otherwise. Time will tell if liberals are ready to treat a strong, independent, professional, tough-minded woman, who - oh, by the way - has five kids and a Christian value system the same way as they would any other woman running around Washington in a pants suit. Time will also tell if conservatives are ready to say that women with 5 kids should leave the traditional role of house wife behind. Both ideologies are having a tough time being consistent with this one, and that makes the world go crazy.

Meanwhile, I am sitting here rubbing my hands together with a twisted grin on my face. I love it when people actually have to think through things for a change instead of simply buying in to what "liberals" or "conservatives" have to say. It's extremely entertaining for me to see so many contradictions on both sides. I love it when folks like Sarah Palin come along and break all the stereotypes. It's good for America.

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