Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Picture updates of Random Happenings

Here are some pics of things I've seen or taken part in lately that are pretty cool.  Enjoy!!

This was taken at Irving Bible Church, the church that I used to be on staff with.  I went back to IBC this week for a conference, and, as usual, the church facility was full of interesting and fascinating information.  Nobody brings meaning to their facility better than IBC.  This was a great display promoting a ministry called "Water is Basic."  Really cool (This picture doesn't do it justice).

Another of the many interesting displays at Irving Bible Church.  That's a pretty sobering fact.

This is a letter that my son, Cale, wrote to his older brother, Trent.  It was displayed outside of his classroom at school.  I love it that my boys not only get along, but that they openly share their fondness for each other.  That's pretty special.

This is a picture of a ministry that my church has started recently, whereby we go to different parts of our community and serve a free meal from a gigantic BBQ pit on wheels.  Pretty awesome.  At this particular event we fed about 200 people in 40 minutes.  Wow!!

Look at all that free food!  Yummy!!

This is a pic of my little girl, Jillian, while we were riding one of those terrible spinning rides at the Fall Festival.  I love that sweet little girl!

This is my youngest son, Quinn in his Halloween costume.  

Check out all the Hayes kids (and Mom)!  Pierce was a Hamburger, Quinn was a Puppy, Trent was a very tall and skinny Yoda, Cale was a Land Shark, and Jillian was a Dalmatian.  Kim was a Pentamom (Mother of 5).

This is Jet, our new Miniature Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier mixed puppy.  Jet was Jillian's 5th birthday present.  Like we needed any more mouths to feed!

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