Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Random Stuff

  • LSU plays Alabama this week. In honor of the game, I landscaped "LSU" into the ivy in my yard. Here's a pic.
  • I've been preaching a series called "What Would God Say to... ?" It's about what God might say to some of our culture's most notorious figures. The first week was "What Would God Say to Oprah Winfrey?" The second week was "What Would God Say to Donald Trump?" Week 3 was "What Would God Say to Britney Spears?" Week 4 was "What Would God Say to Darth Vader?" Last Sunday was the final week, and we finished off with "What Would God Say to John and Kate Goselin?" Each week really dealt with what these certain personalities represent in our culture. Oprah represents religious pluralism; Trump represents arrogance and greed; Britney represents what happens when someone falls apart; Darth Vader represents a lust for power; John and Kate represent divorce. God has a lot to say about all of those things. Interesting stuff.
  • We've been busy at church lately. 4 events in two weeks! Last Saturday we fed about 200 people at the East Side Apartments in Corsicana. That's a lot of BBQ!! It was awesome! This past Friday we gave out over 1,000 bags of candy to the kids who came to the downtown trick or treat. That's a lot of candy! On Halloween we ran a couple of booths at the Fall Festival at First Baptist Corsicana. There were a ton of people there. That's a lot of folks!! On Sunday they threw a pastor appreciation lunch for me. The food was great and people said nice things.
  • More people came to the pastor appreciation lunch than to the other three events combined. That doesn't make me feel appreciated.
  • I found some new bands that I really like, and I may have made the best mix on my ipod that I've ever heard. It's loaded with stuff from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Parlor Mob, The Mumlers, The Black Keys, The Raconteurs, Ray LaMontagne, Spoon, and others. Awesome!