Friday, July 07, 2006

My Brother Wrote a Book!

My brother just published a book called "All Things New: A very basic training on the End Times". Rusty has always been an achiever, but I can't imagine the kind of discipline it takes to put together such a work. Congratulations, Russ, on your first book. It won't surprise me at all to see another one come along soon.

Rusty has been generous enough to donate a large sum of the proceeds of this book to Project Pierce, my autistic son's educational fund. Thanks a bunch, big bro!!


spyder said...

Where can one purchase a Rusty Hayes book?

Anonymous said...

Yes, where can one purchase your brother's book?

Steve Hayes said...

Click on the link. It's the title of the book in the blog article. It takes you directly to where you can purchase the book. It that's too complicated, try this: