Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Statue of Liberation!!

My man Keith and his amazing site,, has given me a virtual gold mine of information. I'll be stealing lots of stuff from Keith, but let's begin with a post that I wrote a little while back about the fine line between idolatry and celebration that many churches walk on traditionally patriotic holidays.

You think this church went over the line?

The Statue of Liberation also replaces the famous inscription with the lines “Give me your tired, your poor … ” with Roman numerals representing the Ten Commandments, and in place of a torch, she held aloft a large gold cross

A tear falling from her right eye represents her concern for America, church pastor Apostle Alton R. Williams said.


docsavage_ said...

Wow. Where is that church and what is the denomination? Also note the the pastor's title: "Apostle" Alton R. Williams. I wonder who gave him that title.

ryan said...

If you look closely, you can see the Virgin Mary in her robe.

Kreider said...

I love celebrations!!!! Celebration is good. Do you like celebrations, Steve?

Steve Hayes said...

Not me. I hate celebrations. Especially those dreaded Jewish celebrations and feasts. I also hate mothers, fathers and our fine soldiers. I'm so full of hatred that I think I'll build a statue commemorating my hatred of celebrations. Wanna come to the unveiling? There will be a parade!

docsavage_ said...

Kreider and Steve-

From the picture, it looks like Kool and the Gang may be in charge of this celebration, and I don't know about you Kreider, but I know for a fact that Steve doesn't have the moves to celebrate with Apostle Alton and the boys.

So is this an open invitation to revisit a discussion on celebrations, or just a parting jab? ('Cause it's got a little sting to it.)

Steve Hayes said...

Just having a little fun. No need to be stung. I think we can all move past this thing, but I'd be willing to bet that there are some pastors and churches who are drooling over that statue, and they probably don't resemble kool and the gang.

We're just jacking around, bro. No offense intended.

docsavage_ said...

Go to to read what Apostle Alton says concerning Lady Liberation. The Q&A link addresses idolatry. Dude kinda looks like Cedric the Entertainer.