Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Hills Are Alive...

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Just wanted to post a few of the cd's, or albums, or whatever you want to call them's that I've been listening to lately. I'm a bit of an old fogey in that I usually listen to talk radio (Sports radio 1310 - the Ticket, to be exact), but I've been listening to a lot of fun new music lately, and I thought I'd share it with you. Wanna hear it? Hear it go:
  1. Guster, "Ganging up on The Sun" - Really cool stuff. Kind of Ben Folds meets Coldplay. Catchy music and good writing with a dash of contemplative pop. Very cool.
  2. Keane, "Under the Iron Sea" - A real U2-ie kind of band with a 80's flare. Loves me some Keane.
  3. Anything by Spoon - I like everything I've heard from them. Kind of remind me of The Cars on some stuff, but much more broad. Good stuff.
  4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "Howl" - This group is just cool. Accoustic and raw, yet polished. If you like Blues, but don't like the redundant licks, you'll enjoy this fresh band. This is the kind of stuff Doc Savage, Spyder Monkey and I would've listened to on road trips. I like 'em a lot!
  5. John Mayer, "Continuum" - OK, so many of you will ask me to turn in my "Indie music cool guy" card for putting a mainstream guy like Mayer on the list, but this is a great album. Lots of Jazz and Blues, and no radio "hits" in the whole bunch. This is one guy who deserves to be on a major label. Check out "Gravity." Great song!
OK, that's all I have for now. Sometimes I just have to post stuff like this in a feeble attempt to make myself feel relevant and cool. Just indulge me, ok?


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are SO cool. Really. 30-something... 4 kids... 4 eyes... Pastor... It's like James Dean and then you on the coolness scale.

Just kidding you, man. You're way ahead of me. I'm still choking on re-hashed Caedmon's and Third Day albums. (Yeah, that's right - albums. Not iTunes downloads)

Keato said...

nice top 5! Jack Black would be proud. Except for john mayer(who of course sucks).

but, Remember, there is no "I" in "Team America".