Monday, September 04, 2006

Tigers - Game One

LSU claims its first victim of the season as they hammer The University of Louisiana at Lafayette 45-3 in their home opener. The Tigers looked pretty dominant, but the level of competition was less than challenging. I was encouraged, though, to see Alley Brousard, LSU's vaunted running back, return from last years season ending knee surgery with a good performance (he averaged 7 yards per carry). The most impressive aspect of this team in game one was the passing attack, led by massive quarterback, JaMarcus Russell (6'6", 260lbs). Russell looked fantastic, and Tiger fans are pumped to see if the canon-armed Russell can continue to improve upon his 15-2 record as a starter.

Next up, Arizona. Let's see if the Tigers can work their Tiger Stadium mojo on Mike Stoops' Wildcats this Saturday.

Geaux Tigers!!

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