Monday, September 25, 2006

A Worthy Revolution

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Been thinking a lot lately about money. It's a constant stressor. Money is like a relentless ruler who demands more of those under him than they can give. It is cruel and decietful, and as active as a school boy at recess.

On a recent trip with my Mother and sister, I was refreshed at Mom's view of money. I usually look forward to trips with Mom because she pays for everything. Lunch... it's on Mom. Movie... Mom's got it covered. Souveniers for the kids... What are Mom's for? But this trip was different. Mom had several opportunities to treat my sister and me to good food and fun. Instead, she was sure to make us lunches that we took with us on our travels. There were no nights out at the movies, but there were plenty of moments filled with what my friend Mike Spratt would've called "Free Fun!!" In all, it was a great trip, and it was a cheap trip.

I asked Mom about her new philosophy of spending, and she told me, with all the passion of a conscietious objector, that she was on a budget, and had set a meager spending goal for herself on this trip. Her main motivation was to save a significant amount this month in order to help a woman in her small group who needed help paying her rent.

I learned a lot from that conversation about generosity. I learned that generosity is our way of sticking it to money's propensity to rule us like a tyrant. I learned that money can't impose it's will on us if we make it work for the benefit of others. Most of all I learned that I am selfish and spoiled. I hate the way money rules over me, yet I willingly bow at its alter almost daily. I fall for the lie that money can make my life better, and in so doing, I turn my back on generosity and my front toward the evil ruler.

Thanks, Mom, for being an example of generosity. You're on the front lines of a wonderful revolution. Viva la generosity!!

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