Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I met this guy today...

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...and he is really cool. This is The Ticket's own Bob Sturm, a local radio personality. Bob went to Liberty University, and knew the late Jerry Fallwell. He's now the co-host of one of DFW's most listened to radio shows (BaD Radio: noon - 3pm: 1310am). Anyway, Bob and I met for about an hour today, and he is a super nice guy. We actually visited at Irving Bible Church in the cafe. Could he be making another apearance at IBC soon? Check here in the coming days to find out.

Hey now, Sturminator!!

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s.o said...

Hey, so what's up? What's the Bob/CentralPark connection?
I definitely want to show up and get sports-bullied by Bob sometime. Or, did you guys talk church instead?