Friday, July 20, 2007

What to Watch

Summer TV watching is tricky business. You get the usual bevy of spare stuff that wasn't good enough for prime time, and the stuff that was ready for prime time is playing through a loop of re-runs. In light of that, here's a few of my favorite shows this summer, and one that you should stay away from:

  1. Burn Notice (USA) - This slick action/comedy/drama is well produced, written and acted. The lead characher, Michael Western (Jeffrey Donovan), is a spy who's recieved a "burn notice", spy speak for getting fired. He's been cut off by the government and is on the FBI watch list. Only problem is he doesn't know why. So, while he's trying to figure it all out, he's also taking private investigator type jobs to pay the rent. This dude is as cool as they come. His list of supporting actors includes the dude from Army of Darkness and the Old Spice Commercials (Bruce Campbell). I love that guy!
  2. The World Series of Pop Culture (vH1) - Kim and I watched this show last year and were hooked. You may be still able to catch the replays of this super fun pop culture trivia extravaganza since the originals have already aired. It pits several teams of three against each other in a tournament style competition. I just love seeing how many of the questions I can correctly answer. Good stuff.
  3. The Closer (TBS) - Man, this is just a good show. There was one episode that had the craziest first five minutes I've ever seen on TV. It actually worked, too, which is rare for crazy scenes. Kyra Sedgwick's fake Georgia accent drives me a bit insane, but the show is really cool.
Now, for one television gimmick that you can live without:
  1. Stay away from Sportscenter this summer. It pains me to write this, but it's true. Stuart Scott is hosting this silly segment called "Who's Now", and it's the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a while. It's intended to determine which athlete is both a superstar in their sport and off the field. Athletes are paired against each other in a lame and very subjective popularity contest. Plus, you get to hear from "the panel", which includes spare hosts who look like they wish they were as popular and relevant as the athletes they're judging. Just report the sports issues of the day, ESPN! Leave the commentary out of it. We don't need you to tell us who is popular, we just need to know who won the game.


Marc Mac said...

I have enjoyed The Traveler, but it just had the season finale this week.

Currently watching 24, season 2.

r! said...

Usually this time of year, ESPN is showing sumo wrestling. Maybe they need to bring it back.

As for me, I am not sure what's even on TV these days. Thanks for the update. I am going to stick with watching re-runs of Scrubs, Golden Girls (the little old lady is hilarious), and Dukes of Hazzard until 24 comes back on TV in January and the next season of "The Hills". That's right, I said it! I watch THE HILLS!

Brian Mosley said...

I am with you on Burn Notice. We saw the first 2 episodes on vacation a few weeks ago and thought it was a lot of fun. We don't get cable at home, so it's fallen off my radar ... but I hope they keep making more.