Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24 Hours of Greatness!

The following took place on Sunday, January 14, and Monday, January 15, 2007 from 7pm - 9pm:

  • Jack Bauer did some awesome stuff, killed a few people and did some more awesome stuff.
24 is probably my favorite show ever, and Jack Bauer is the most hard core hero ever to hit network TV. The end of last night's premier was some of the craziest, most shocking television I've witnessed. Jack does it again!!


Kreider said...

Thanks for ruining the suspense for those of us who didn't see it!!!!! Now there is no point in buying season 6 on dvd. You spoiler!!!

Steve Hayes said...

Oh come on! I was purposely vague so as not to give away any details. But since you're making a big deal about it, I'll tell you what happened. Jack was dropped in the Congo to catch - you guessed it - a terrorist. He broke his leg on the descent, and made a splint out of a rhino carcas. After being chased by a cougar, and finding himself on the run from the Pygmies, Jack finally finds the terrorist, Abdulah Mak Tabor. Mak Tabor captures Jack and begins toruring him. Jack rips the rhino bone splint off of his leg, cracks Mak Tabor in the mouth, and makes his way to the rendevouz point with a cannister of mustard gas. As he leaves in the helicopter, the mustard gas cannister detonates, and Jack parachutes out of the chopper to the jungles below.

Man! It was awesome!!

Kreider said...

Can we celebrate the greatness that is Jack Bauer? Or would that lead to idolatry?

marcmac said...

and he bit someone