Sunday, January 21, 2007

No Woman, No Lie

This is a Southwestern Ad. You think this Girl will ever get a job at the institution that trained her?

Dr. Sherri Klouda was my Hebrew professor at The Criswell College. She was really good to me. I remember her most because I took her final exam the day after my oldest son, Trent, was born. She knew how tired I was, and allowed me to have a little extra time to complete the exam. I made a "B" on it and earned a "B" in her class. I always liked her a lot.

Anyway, I tell you all of this because Dr. Klouda was involved in an unfortunate set of circumstances at Soutwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She was let go because of her gender. I find this very unfortunate for many reasons. Dr. Klouda was not an ordained minister, was not teaching or preaching at a church and was not teaching her interpretation of the Bible. She was simply teaching a language, and teaching it well, I might add.

Man, I'm glad I'm no longer in the Baptist loop. It's certainly not bad to be a Baptist, but these kinds of goings on at Baptist institutions have given the denomonation a bad name. It's a real shame.

You can read about Dr. Klouda's plight here. Dr. Klouda has been hired by Taylor University to teach Hebrew. Good for her.

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Adam said...

As a former Baptist, I must protest. In my home church, we would never allow women to go so far as to teach language. It is an outrage that some churches allow women to sit on the front row. I am against woman talking in church (or in public) and I regret allowing them to keep their heads uncovered. The other day, I visited a lady's home and she didn't offer to make me dinner, what is the world coming to?