Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fun Movie Memories

Had a great visit the other day with my old friend and distinguished professor, Dr. Kreider. He'll probably hate the fact that I'm mentioning him here, but he's sort of old and grumpy, so he's prone to hate things without my help. Anyhow, he reminded me about two of my favorite movie experiences of all time. Dr. Kreider was with me for both experiences, so he can vouch for the following details.

The first movie memory happened when Kreider and I decided to go see this new science fiction movie that was just beginning to generate some buzz. We sat calmly, not really expecting much from the film, and were slowly transported into one of the most amazing films I can remember seeing at the theatre. It was one of those great feelings you sometimes get at the movies when you meander upon something that revolutionizes the way you look at things. I remember feeling that way when I saw E.T. as a kid, and even more when I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. Both films hit the theatres with relatively little fanfare, but both changed the way we looked at life.

In the same way, when Kreider and I stumbled upon The Matrix on that fateful night, we enthusiastically fell down the rabbit hole into an amaizing world of technology and special effects, theology and philisophy, and jaw-dropping action and adventure. All the things we were discussing in pursuit of understanding culture and theology were being played out on screen in this epic film. It was like we were watching the modern era give way to something else... something we couldn't define, but something that was indescribably resonant.

It was a cool experience, and it was only fitting for both of us that we witnessed this film together. It's just the kind of experience every student should have with his teacher, and every teacher should have with his pupil. It's not often that both encounter something fresh together. Very cool!

The second movie experience was much less cool. We went to a late showing of the film Magnolia. I've heard from many folks who really liked this movie, but Kreider and I were less than impressed. It wasn't so much that the movie was bad, but that the experience was totally horrid.

There was a constant barrage of noise, moving people, and, well, Kreider's snoring, and it had to be one of the worst movie watching experiences of my life. An entire group of folks sat behind us and barked orders at the screen like drill seargent's at boot camp. It seemed like a steady stream of people had to go to the bathroom, and they seemed to stagger themselves so that they left at every key moment of the film. How they knew to plan this is beyond me, but I could swear they were doing it just to make Kreider and me crazy.

If that weren't enough, I think Kreider just gave up about half way through the movie and decided to doze off like grandpa after Thanksgiving turkey. It wasn't long before I began to notice a chainsaw-like snore eminating from the seat to my right. Hey, I should have known better. Give the guy a comfortable seat, a tub of popcorn, and an incredibly boring film, and who can blame him for snoring like my drunk uncle after a bender?

Anyway, those two experiences were quite memorable and I just thought I'd share them with you. No point whatsoever. No spiritual crumbs to chew on... just a couple of friends at the movies. Kreider! Let's do it again soon!!


r! said...

That must have been really cool. I wish Krieder would go to the movies with me.

Joanne said...

Steve Hayes!
I'm sorry I missed your going away thingy. I never got to say goodbye, and now I have no clue how to contact you. So I thought I'd leave you a message on your blog. Hope all is well with you and the family!


pastor trent said...

Hey Bro. I just wanted to stop by and let you now that you are in my prayers. I am praying for you and the grace community as you shepherd them. let me know if there is anything we can do for you and the journey the Lord has in front of you

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

The Missional Community