Monday, August 25, 2008

IBC and Women

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My old church, Irving Bible Church, has gotten a lot of press lately due to their recent position on women in ministry. The Dallas Morning News wrote an article about the issue as well. Many people have asked me about IBC and this issue, and all I can say is that I love IBC and think very highly of the staff and elders. I wasn't a part of the decision making process, but I was at IBC when this issue was discussed, and when the elders came to their stance on this issue. Although I don't have a problem with the stance that IBC has taken, I do understand that this is an issue where many Godly people hold many different opinions. I am one of those people who can see both sides of this one, but I trust the process that the leadership of IBC went through to get to the stance that they have taken, and I have no problem with it.

This Sunday Jackie Roese preached at IBC. I have heard Jackie preach before, and I think she is truly gifted. She and her husband, Steve, are wonderful people who deeply love Jesus. They are unique and sometimes misunderstood, but I trust them, love them, and support them fully.

The most disheartening thing about this to me is that folks on both sides of this issue are using IBC as a battleground to air their theological beefs. I find this extremely distasteful. This is a very polarizing issue, but it is not an essential aspect of Christianity. This is not the Virgin Birth of the Diety of Christ. There should be grace and liberty exercised with this issue, and I see a frustrating lack of both. It saddens me.

This is an issue that should be honestly discussed, but it is becoming an issue that is dividing God's people. I find that very troubling. That's my 2 cents.


r! said...

I don't have a problem with where they ended up either. But I do have a problem with their process. The "trajectory hermenuetic" is deeply disturbing to me. And I suspect that it is one of the main reasons why others who object to their decision are calling into question IBC's view on the authority of scripture.

Brett said...

Steve - I agree with you on using IBC as the battleground. I'm a current IBCer (my wife April worked with on staff), and I get angry when theological blowhards start making accusations (some slanderous), when we have the benefit of actually knowing the hearts and motives of the Elder Board.

R! - I'm also a little iffy on the whole "trajectory hermenuetic/ethic in process" philosphy. I'd never heard of it until reading through IBC's paper, but it's definitely the biggest sticking point for me. Seems you could really take some liberties with that line of thinking.