Saturday, March 18, 2006

Big Baby!

LSU's Glen Davis, aka Big Baby, makes me happy. This guy is 6 feet 9 inches, 305 lbs., and he's seriously one of the largest people I've ever seen. Davis, the SEC's player of the year, is a beast. Nobody's been able to stop him all season, and now that it's NCAA tournament time, Big Baby is delivering big time!

There are two big reasons why I like this guy so much: 1) He wears the number "0", and 2) He's got a great sense of humor. I just think it's so cool that a guy that big, who has shoulders that look like Atlas could stand on them as he picks up the earth, would wear a big zero on his chest. Fact is, Davis is far from a zero. He played for team USA this summer, dominated the Southeaster Conference, and is garnering lots of attention from drooling NBA scouts who would love to lure him away from LSU in hopes of a lucrative deal in the pro's.

But Big Baby is all about the fun. This guy loves to laugh, truly enjoys the game, and lives up to his nickname (he put the "Gentle" in Gentle Giant). Davis reminds me of the wonderful people of the great state of Louisiana. He obviously loves to eat, he works hard, and he adds a spice to life that is unmistakable.

What's more, he and the Tigers just gave me bragging rights with all the Texas A&M folks that surround me! Thanks Big Baby!!

Geaux Tigers!!


docsavage_ said...

And how about that last 3-pointer from the parking lot, right in the face of that Russian lumberjack who plays for the Aggies.

ryan said...

For your information, that "Russian lumberjack" defected here to save his own life from latent, subversive, Communist elements in his motherland bent on capturing him to perform experimental surgeries in hopes of engineering the world's best Euro basketball player. His family has been harrrassed. His home has been toilet-papered. And he once woke up in a bathtub full of ice in a Murmansk hotel room missing a kidney. I think he has suffered enough.

As for Big Baby. He's more like a big, ole' baby, I say.!

Steve Hayes said...


I'd be bitter too if I knew all I had to look forward to was another football season with coach Fran. Can you say "bust"?

C'mon, Ryan, you have to admit that Darrell Mitchell's (aka, "The Silent Assasin") trey at the end was freaking sweet. What a great game!

docsavage_ said...

In case you did not know, "Hoychick" is a Ukrainian name - so I think I am qualified to point out Russian lumberjacks, wherever they may appear - even if that means that they appear lumbering around a basketball court, helpless to defend a three-pointer in the face.

As for Big Baby, just wait till next year when he hits puberty.

Steve Hayes said...

Hoychick Ukranian? Oh yeah, I forgot about that. How is Uncle Vasily? Amazing how many Ukranian's took up residence in the typically redneck area of Rayville, LA. No wonder that place always smelt like Vodka!

You wouldn't believe how many Texas A&M punks I'm surrounded by here in Dallas. So nice that the Tigers gave me such sweet bragging rights! Many of the Aggies thought the game wasn't over. They kept yelling "You have to win by two!"

robert (r!) said...

OK. Wait just one minute! Don't start talking about Fran. The guy had one set back season and all of a sudden he's a bust?

As far as the basketball game goes, it's all good in my book. We'll be back.


Steve Hayes said...

One set back season, huh? OK, man, if you A&M guys are happy with Fran's 16-18 overall record, and one winning season, I guess that's cool.

By way of comparisson, Les Miles, LSU's much maligned new coach, went 11-2 this year. That's right, in one year he's almost matched Fran's overall win total, and Tiger fans still weren't pleased.

I'd hate to see if he went 16-18. He'd definitely be a bust. Personally, I think Fran's a bust too, but that's just me. Of course I thought he did Alabama wrong the way he left them. And, he was a jerk to Nick Saban after a Bama/LSU game one year, and that didn't sit right with me. I'm just not a fan.

r! said...

How can you count the first season? he wasn't playing with his recruits the first or second season. Last year was the first season where his recruits were playing and they were all freshmen. He has had top recruiting classes. Things will turn around.

The LSU coach because has inherited Nick Sabans recruits. So we don't know for sure how good a coach he really is.

And Fran being rude to Les Miles? Whatever. But I will agree with you on the Alabama move. I did not like the fact that A&M hired someone with such poor display of integrity like that but hey, what's done is done and I just have to live with it. I think what he did to Alabama was wrong and sorta made me want to see them really suceed thisl ast season. But don't forget who recruited those guys on last seasons bama team...Coach Fran.

ryan said...

r! - dude, you can't make that argument about Fran not having his own recruits the first year he was here. Yes, they were R.C.'s recruits, but a LOT of them are also playing on Sundays now. They weren't bad players. In fact, there are right now more active NFL players from A&M than from any Big 12 school.

Steve Hayes said...


I understand why you'd want to defend this guy. He is, after all, your coach. But, he's known for turning teams around in one season, and he simply hasn't done that at A&M. Maybe he needs a little more time, but so far, he's been underwheliming.

If he can do something this year, I'll retract everything. After 4 years with a program, you should know everything you need to know about the guy. Nick Saban won a National Championship in 4 years. I don't see anything close to that happening at A&M this year. We'll see.

And, Fran wasn't a jerk to Les Miles, he was a jerk to Nick Saban. He "heard" an internet rumor that Saban said bad things about Alabama, and he got all in Nick's face about it after a game a few years back. Turns out the internet story was fabricated by some Alabama student. It was a classless motivational ploy, and Fran never even owned up to it. Like I said, I'm not a fan.

docsavage_ said...

"Coach Fran" - (do we really know him that well?) - should travel to Russia with the basketball coach, when he goes to sift through the lumberjacks. Maybe then your QB wouldn't have to run a 4.2 to avoid being sacked.

As for a head football coach taking over a program with another coach's recruits, that's old hat. Larry Cocker did it in Miami and had success, Les Miles at LSU had success, both came in with the cupboard full, and maybe "Coach Fran" did not - but the point is, you can coach discipline, and "Coach Fran" did not last year. I don't care what level of talent a coach inherits, he has to coach discipline and get kids to buy into his system. Because those two things make consistency. Then, if a team does those two things, you can have a good coach and still have a few losses (ie-Saban's first few years at LSU). But squeaking by Baylor this year and lossing to them last year, and squeaking by Texas State, and letting SMU hang 8 points on the board (ha) is an embarrassment - and in case you didn't know, LSU fans are very familiar with embarassment - we had to endure Curley Hallman and Mike Archer and DiNardo's marriage to Lou Tepper. And none of those coaches had the type of discipline and faith from the team that makes a coach good. And when A & M has another piss-poor season of inconsistency, "Coach Fran" will wish he had travelled to Syberia with his podnuh.

I got your back, Steve.

r! said...

Good points about the Fran/RC recruits comment. I will retract my statement. However, I will say that I was not happy about them hiring a guy like Fran but I will stick by him and this team. I do think he will turn things around, although I could be wrong about that.

Fran made improvements in his second season. He got us to a bowl game. Last season was a major dissapointment and one that we will be experiencing negative repurcussions for a while now. That hurt us in recruiting this year. I don't know how you can expect any coach to do a major turn around in his first season with a team. I would never set that kind of expectation on a coach no matter how good his track record is. There are too many variables. But I iwll say that it is perfectly within reason to expect a turn around withing the first three years. We have only seen a glimmer of that at A&M.

But we will be back. Maybe not in 06 but soon.

Steve Hayes said...

Yes, A&M should be back sometime soon. College football is better when the Aggies are good. I'm already sick of Texas and Oklahoma, so I'd be fine with a good Aggie team to knock those guys down a notch. For that reason alone I'll be rooting for Fran and Co.

ryan said...

ok. I'm suddenly a lot less impressed with hoychick. - Because of the name, I thought, "wow! who is this slavek/cajun chick who really knows her college sports?" Then I clicked on hoychick's name and discovered she's a guy! Bummer.

spyder said...

Wait, Hoychick's a guy? I went to school with her, and never knew that! Dang it! Okay, for the record, when I said I was attracted to that real good looking girl Dani Hoychick in college, I never meant it.