Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tiger Bait!

Tasmin Mitchell and the Tigers get their point across ...  (AP)
LSU absolutely manhandled the Duke Blue Devils Thursday night in Atlanta to reach the Elite 8 round of the NCAA tournament. Big Baby, Tyrus Thomas, and Co. made Duke look more soft than a middle school kid getting his lunch money taken by the block bully. Thomas was swatting away shots at will, and Davis was splitting double teams and filling up the lane with his bear-like frame. It was a beautiful sight!

Nobody believed me, but I told everybody who would listen that LSU was going to shock the world and beat the Dookies.



Anonymous said...

It is altogether a little odd for Steve to be describing Thomas' splitting doubles (referring to two other men) or Davis' "bear-like" frame as a beautiful sight.

r! said...

Congrats Steve. Enjoy the elite 8.

PLEASE beat texas!!