Saturday, March 25, 2006


How about those LSU Tigers!! Big Baby and the Tigers were just too much for the Texas Longhorns in the Elite Eight, and they now advance to the Final Four for the first time since 1986!

This team is so fun to watch, and they look like they have even more fun off the court. Big Baby (Glen Davis) said "I have a tapeworm. I'm still hungry for more!" I've never seen a kid that big with a tapeworm. He looks like a brisket with legs.

I officially have March Madness!!

On another note, check out my son, Cale, in his tee ball duds. I think he and Big Baby resemble each other. I had no clue he'd be playing for the Tigers. Geez, life is good!

And one last thought for you: when LSU knocked off Texas Saturday afternoon, they completed the clean sweep of the flagship universities of the state of Texas. That's right, Louisiana - 2, Texas - 0. So what if they beat us in every other national statistic? This is basketball for crying out loud!!


r! said...

congrats congrats

docsavage_ said...

can you imagine what big baby would weigh if he passed that tape worm?

docsavage_ said...

that kid of yours looks more like a young savage that a big baby.

Steve Hayes said...

You can see the glimmer in his eye, right? That little kid is funny. Every time he would cross home plate he would yell, "I just winned another game!"

Funny thing is that I thought I heard Big Baby say the same thing after the LSU game.