Thursday, March 02, 2006

Coldplay and Nachos

I recently attended the Coldplay concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. I scored tickets from one of the guys at church, and decided to take our worship pastor, Russ Ware, along for the ride. The show was very cool, even though I wouldn't rank Coldplay atop my listening hierarchy. They're good and all, but if their songs were shirts in a closet, they'd all look pretty much the same. Not a whole lot of variety with this bunch.

Before the start of the first song, Russ decided to step out for a bit of a pit stop. Honestly, I had to pee too, but I didn't want to risk missing the kickoff number while standing at the stall. The lights dimmed, signaling that the show would soon begin, and still no sign of Russ. What could have happened to him? Did he fall in? Did #1 turn into #2? Where in the world was Russ?

As the back of the stage lit up with rapidly counting white numbers on a black screen, Coldplay suddenly appeared, accompanied by a blast of white light. Lost in the moment, I glanced to my right just in time to catch Russ lumbering down the aisle with an arm full of treats from... the concession stand. The smell of corndogs and cheese somehow made its way through the equally stong smell of a certain herb that permeated the arena. It seemed for a moment that Russ had forgotten he was at a concert for one of the biggest bands in the world, and mistook this event for halftime of a Mavericks game.

I must say that the nachos really enhanced the concert experience, and who knows if I'll ever go to a concert again without a hankering for some good old cheesy nachos from the concession stand? You know you're getting old when your favorite thing about the Coldplay concert is the nachos!

Click here to see pictures from the Coldplay concert.

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