Monday, August 28, 2006

A Cut Above!

Pierce, my little Autistic dream child, recently got a haircut. He's had his hair cut in the past, but it has not been such a pleasant experience. Cutting Pierce's hair is like bathing a cat. He squirms, screams, and scratches, and that's just when they put the apron on him. When the hair starts flying, he goes absolutely ballistic.

We wouldn't even worry about cutting his hair because we think it's cute when it's long, and Pierce is just one of those kids who looks adorable no matter how you style his mop. You could give the boy a mullet and he'd look magazine cover good. But when it gets long, his hair hangs over his eyes and creates a shade that allows him to hide in his own little world. The whole struggle with Autism is the isolation that it fosters, so allowing his hair to further isolate him is a big deal.

Thankfully, Pierce's therapy center started introducing elements of a haircut into his therapy, and he has been getting more and more comfortable with the apron, clippers, scissors and blow dryer for the last couple of weeks. This past Friday was the big day to finally cut his hair, and he did great! It's amazing what his therapists are able to teach him, and we couldn't be more pleased with his progress.

If you're interested in helping with Pierce's therapy, click here to read more about how you can help.

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Michael Maldanis said...

man that kid looks good! Give him a big hug for Moldy...while you are at it...jsut run around the house giving out random hugs!