Monday, August 28, 2006

Does Baylor Hate Black People?

Call of the Wild - 2006 Football Commercials
I'm a college football fanatic, and am interested this year to see, of all teams, the Baylor Bears. I think Guy Morriss is a good coach, and enjoyed watching his team when he coached at Kentucky. he did a great job for the Bears last year, and I think you'll finally see some continued improvement by Baylor this year. I wish them well.

On another note, I was a bit shocked when i saw the new Baylor Football teaser that the school produced for the upcoming season. It's just funny to me that they did a video that depicts several lilly white (no doubt rich) Baylor kids running from a giant black guy.

While on the subject of Baylor, how many Baylor girls does it take to change a light bulb? Two: one to hold the diet Coke and one to call Daddy!

Anyway, I really do hope Baylor football does well this year.


r! said...

Yeah, they do hate black people. Don't all schools/seminaries in the South?

just kidding

John, Michelle, and Reganne Watts said...

Obviously, you haven't been to Baylor. It takes four girls: two to hold the adult beverages, one to watch for the campus cops, and one to call her boyfriend at A&M.

As for African-Americans, they are welcome as long as they don't dance, don't smoke, don't drink, and don't play loud music. If you don't like it, remember that OU pays better.