Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What's your Worldview?

Take this quiz to see what your theological worldview is. I'm going to take it now!!

This and other great stuff at Bag of Nothing!!


docsavage_ said...

So what is it?

Steve Hayes said...

Mine came out to be postmodern/emergent. I think the test is a little crappy, but I definitely have some emergent views. I would consider myself more of a reformed emergent. I love the theological conservatism, and focus on grace and sovereignty of the reformation, but I also love the mysticism, convergence and tension of the emergent movement. I'm kind of hard to pigeon hole. What about you?

ryan said...

I'm with you, dude. It ranked me as a "postmodern/emergent". But the second-highest category was "fundamentalist". So I'm an Emergent Fundamentalist! That means I'm open to new ideas and narrow-minded about it! Oh well, I'm kinda glad not to be pigeon-holed. I like breaking stereotypes.