Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Beneath The Sea

I find myself consumed with you and what you think of me
Your thoughts concealed like coral reefs, set well beneath the sea
And if, by chance, I swim so deep, what answers will I find?
An injured anger held within, or thoughts as sweet as wine?

But soon before you have a chance to open up to me
I lose my breath and struggle to the surface of the sea
And as I gulp the tainted air of selfish preservation
I realize this problem is my own miscalculation

If only when I delved beyond the surface of the sea
I could have held you close and brought you to the top with me
For then, amidst the crisp clean air, true clarity we'll find
To conquer all our dissonance with tenderness and time

Time to trust and savor all the love we have to give
Believing that with God's sweet grace our love will truly live
A love that swims the murky depths of the darkened sea
Returning to the safety of the surface faithfully

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