Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cale's Highlight Video

My second son, Cale, has been a mad man on the football field lately. It seems that everything in his world is starting to click, and he's excelling in school, sports and at home. We couldn't be more proud!

This Saturday, Cale's flag football team, the "White Texans" (a very uncomfortable name, by the way), played the "Yellow Texans." This game was unbelievable!! Each team scored at will, and in the end Cale's team fell by the score of 60-59. What a game!!

Anyway, here's a little video I put together of some of Cale's plays. He's #88, and he plays on the team with the white jerseys, hence "White Texans." Thankfully the team name doesn't refer to a group of racists in white sheets, although those guys aren't all that rare in this part of the country.

Check Cale out here.

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r! said...

When do they play the Black Texans?