Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Sun

I heard you missed the sun today
It's precious light simply vanished from your way
And as it moved to slowly disappear
Its afterglow was dampened by your tears

So now the only light in all this dark
Burns the crackling embers of your heart
and lying ashen in your bed
You can hardly even lift your head

Why'd you cause the sun to fall?
It could have been so different, after all
You really didn't have to lose
You dragged your feet, were slow to choose

And remembering your lapse
You desperately began to grasp
The pleasant days of long ago
Set in the sun's amazing glow

It's now a year from that dark day
When the great sun had gone away
And though the memories are clear
And you still hurt and sometimes fear

The embers of your heart have died
And now a new light shines inside
So now the sun shines on your skin
Revealing newness, peace within

To know that if, again, it's dark
God's grace provides a brand new start
The sun is bigger than your faults
It rises steady, never halts

So even though the darkness comes
Somewhere, there's alway shines the sun.

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Anonymous said...

dude- you're a blogging fool! these are good. let's set them to music!