Tuesday, October 10, 2006

LSU... ughhh

My Tigers lost another game this week, and that effectively ends their quest for the SEC title. They looked terrible, and seem to lack the ability to put it all together in the big games. JaMarcus Russell followed his career best game with a morbid performance (3 INT's and a fumble), and the LSU special teams turned the ball over twice. If LSU doesn't beat themselves, who knows? Oh well, I guess I'll just have to turn all of my football dreams and wishes over to The Saints!!

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Reggie's next opponent: Hurricane Katrina
Prediction: Reggie 60, Katrina 0

I'm about to throw an interception!!

Fumbles R Fun!!

Let's get out there and show everyone how bad we suck!!


r! said...

At least your team has a good defense, good recruiting, and can at least say they were in the hunt for a title.

What i would give to be in your shoes. right now. Anytime the aggies hit the field, it's a crapp shoot. You never know what you will get these days.

Margaret Feinberg said...

great blog!