Wednesday, October 25, 2006


What would Jesus do if he were in the world today?
Would he step into our gawdy church and venture not to stay?
Would he cringe at his cruel cross recreated 'round our necks
And wonder why we market him and make him so high tech

And I'm curious to know if our assumptions are correct
Would the Son of God be happy with the money we collect?
To make ourselves remember Him with bracelets on our wrists
Or would it simply convince Him that we don't get the gist?

Would He really be happy with the pains that we go through
To turn off all our common sense in light of what He'd do?
Or would He tell us "Use your brains and follow my strong lead
Not with gimmicks, but with my book which I've given you to read."

"And talk with me, my sweet child, and I will give you rest
But please don't treat me like I'm some annoying kind of pest
Cause just because you wear my cross or have me on your clothes
Does not mean your favor in my eyes just grows and grows."

"I love you now as much as I have loved you all along
So get to know me, understanding that my love is strong
And follow me regardless of the fads that come your way
Cause who are you to know what I would do anyway?"

I've shown you what I've done, and I've offered you my hand
Now learn to love me properly and do the best you can!"

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